Caroline Wallis

Executive Director

Lisa Robertshaw

Assistant Director/Grant Administration

Monica Blalock

Jekka Smith

Dir. of Community Outreach

Business Operations Manager/ Volunteer Coordinator

Brooke Kowalsky

Office Administration / Grant Assistant

Domestic Violence Programs
Shelter, Outreach and Legal Services:

Kelsey Taylor

Dir. of Family Violence Programs

Alex Clay

Dir. of Shelter Services

O'Neil Young

Irene Sheppard

Kayla Talley

FAITH's Power House
Child Advocacy Center & Sexual Assault Center:

Mark Smith

Dir. of Power House Child Advocacy Center

Ruthie Zoellner

Dir. of Sexual Assault Programs

Laura Davis

Lisa Fugel

Madison Cousineau


Dena Crane

Store Manager


Greg Rhodes, President

Angela Luke, Vice-President

Kathy McClure, Secretary 

Tom Lines, Treasurer

Brent Edwards

Ramelle Garland

Jennifer Kyle

Kiana Miles

Jay Morgan

Chad Nichols, Sheriff

Ray Pagano

John Pearce

Austin Perry

Susan Roberson

Donna Speed

Gary Speed

Thomas B. West

Ken Whisenhunt

Ava Zavala